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Stree Ayurveda

Founder: Renu Gulati

Website: www.streewellness.com

Stree has been established to provide sustainable eco friendly products produced by traditional methods. They will be organic and use natural ingredients as much as possible. These products resonate with the ancient healing system of the cosmos, known as Ayurveda.

Stree employs disempowered local poor women at fair trade salaries. All profits of stree products go toward educating and sustaining these women, children and children’s education. Some of Stree product’s profits also go towards providing free Ayurveda medicines, traditional home remedies and simple Ayurveda wellness education for the poor.

Some of Stree’s products are made by local women and others are sourced from women’s empowerment organizations and eco friendly organisations around India. Much of our packaging and labelling is done by Stree. Most of our products are organic, bio degradable and are as eco friendly as possible.We care for the individual, family, society and environment.

The Himalayan area is renowned for the holy Himalayas, the Divine Mother Ganga River and is a place where sages have meditated for millenia. Currently, however, this region has a high level of alcoholic and drug addicted men who gamble and abuse women on many levels which results in socially dysfunctional and impoverished families. The physical and psycho emotional states of children and women of these families becomes adversely affected and in turn there is further impoverishment and dysfunctionality within the family and therefore society.

The education and well being of such children in these impoverished families is paramount as they are the foundation of future society.

The empowerment of women to free themselves of such abuse is also paramount as women are the backbone of society and are revered as goddesses in ancient Indian culture and perhaps for that matter in all ancient cultures.

Stree seeks to bring back the respect deserved by women as Goddesses and help allign them with their original feminine divinity. These ideas are not new but lie at the heart of the ancient traditions of India.

Stree also provides paid classes, courses and consultations in Ayurveda in India and across the globe to enhance the health and happiness of the whole.The profits from these services go toward the service providers who give time and skills towards product development, the sourcing and designing of products and training women in ethics, wellness and empowerment.

Stree is a holistic organisation caring for the health of Mother Nature.

RG Legal

Founder: Renu Gulati

Website: www.immigrationvisahelp.co.in

We provide a wide range of immigration services in relation to visas for the UK and India. We also assist with Schengen visas.

 We, the Lawyers have qualifications from the UK and India. We have worked in some of the most esteemed organisations within the Uk and have a high degree of ethics within our practice.


Partner: Renu Gulati

Website: www.wecangrow.in

Website Copywriting

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Blog writing

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Social media content management

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Article writing

Refined articles about your services/products you offer adds authenticity to your business. Our writers deliver well-researched articles based on facts and popular trends that make sense.

SEO writing

Content is one of the key components in the Search Engine Optimization methodology. It’s a cliche now that content is the King! When you trust us with SEO writing, we make the efforts to help you achieve the best ranking of your website on different search engines.