And there were some friends who were to come to an end. Sad it was but when loyalty fades away then what to do but tread the way out of the mayhem which was a friendship. Not to forget the moments of joy and sharing but loyalty is all about caring. When that dost end, the rest is history and more shall come for your glory.



The summer descends upon us, here in India. I get photos of mangos when I used to connect summer with berries, juicy and bright and to my delight. I loved the forest walks picking n munching on blackberries; the strawberry picking, eating so many on the way. Putting them in the paper maché baskets and taking them home to eat all day. The family outings were so safe and cozy. Oh why oh why can they not come back and give me the joy I once knew. Instead I fell in love with the Indian dream; not the reality I once believed it was. Mayhem it became and now I feel as if I am trapped; I feel  I have no choice to stay here cos the England I once knew ain’t there no more. The time has come to get grounded in a place familiar to me and if it is here, then let it be.